For sure, you also have some old bangle lying around, and some crochet yarn. These are great materials to create a new fashionable bangle for your teenage daughter.   

gunadesign tread wrap bangle

  Necessary supplies  

  •  Bangle -   Take into account the size of the final product will be smaller. The mother’s bangle will fit a daughter.   
  •  Thread  -  You can use linen, brocade or leather cord. Thicker a thread, lager a bangle, as basis, you need 
  • A piece of leather to cover inside of the bangle

  Necessary tools  

  •  Glue 
  •  Scissors 
  •  Needle and thread - I like to use thin fishing line. It is strong and transparent.


  Step 1  Glue the end of the tread to the inside of the bangle.   

Step 2   Wrap the thread vertically tight around a bangle. Put a few times glue on the bangle to fix the thread on the place. 

  Step 3 Continue to wrap a thread around the bangle, but this time under the certain angle and distance between wraps. Go all around the bangle.  You can also use a different color thread to create contrast.   In few places fix the thread with glue, better from the inside of the bangle.

  Step 4  Now wrap the thread to the other direction to create crosses. The crossing threads can be also decorated with seed beads. 

  Step 5  Cut a peace if leather in the size of the bangle and glue it inside. To fix it more firmly, I also sewed it on. 


gunadesign tread wrap bangle